Counselling Supervision North Wales

Are you a qualified counsellor or student counsellor looking for counselling supervision face to face in North Wales? My counselling supervision service can also be held online.

Rainbow Counselling’s supervision service in North Wales provides an opportunity for supervisees to present their client caseloads to help explore several aspects that help across a range of topics including:

  • Confidence in your work
  • Building your practice
  • Ethics and dilemmas
  • Transference and counter transference, to name a few.
Counselling Supervision North Wales

Building a Trusting Relationship

In providing my counselling supervision the supervisor/supervisee relationship is a special one in that the supervisor is there to guide and oversee your work and provide constructive feedback whilst also working alongside you and not for you.

The relationship is built on trust and openness and the supervisor’s ability to be flexible, open to feedback and to work in a non-judgemental or non-oppressive way while being open to all aspects of culture and diversity.

Low Cost Counselling Supervision

As a supervisor in training, I am currently able to offer low cost supervision until qualified later in the year

Our first session will allow us to see if we are a match and to help you look at your caseload and explore your needs.

Online Counselling Supervision

I can also provide an online counselling supervision service if you feel this would work better for you.

Online counselling supervision allows you to have your supervision in the comfort of your own space. Online supervision is convenient and eliminates travel time and fuel costs for busy counsellors. Online supervision provides access to a wider choice of supervisors you may not have in your area.

I have completed a level 2 training in Online Counselling and am used to working online via Zoom. During the sessions, resources are easily shared through the chat functions and the white board enabling you to get the most out of your sessions.

Online Counselling Supervision North Wales

How To Get in Touch

You are welcome to call Rainbow Counselling on 07788 130 331 or email me at