Contract for face to face counselling

What I can and will do:

  • Always be on time, with the exceptions of unforeseen emergencies
  • Respond to all genuine emails before 24 hours. If you have not received a reply please check your spam folder or resend/call/text
  • Help you feel comfortable and at ease
  • Offer good insight and encouragement
  • Help you understand yourself and others
  • Work collaboratively to help you think about what is best for you
  • Be open minded, non judgmental, fully empathic and respectful
  • Be accepting towards clients from all backgrounds, cultures and clients with disabilities
  • Be 100% confidential in line with my contract
  • Admit if I feel I do not have the skills necessary to support you
  • Listen to both sides in couples counselling and help provide each partner with insight and guidance

What I will be unable to do

  • Offer direct advice
  • Rescue you or think for you
  • Be shocked at any issues you bring to the session
  • Be available for texts, emails and calls in between sessions other than to arrange/change appointments
  • Take sides in couples counselling or judge your issues
  • Continue to work with couples who fight and blame each other rather than work together to find solutions
  • Breach any rules of Employee Assistance Programs that I work with

Your counselling experience is very important and it is the aim of Rainbow Counselling to ensure that you obtain the maximum benefit from your sessions. You are free to be as open as honest as you wish and will be treated with respect, whilst being listened to in a non-judgmental manner. If you are unhappy with anything you have the right question your counsellor who will attempt to resolve any issues you may have.  In order for you to make the most of you counselling there are some important areas to consider before your sessions begin.

All of the information discussed and disclosed is treated within the strictest of confidence, however there are rare exceptions where a breach of confidentiality would be considered. This would always be fully discussed with clients first in order to find a solution.

The exceptions are:

  • Where the counsellor feels concern that there is significant risk to yourself or others
  • Serious threats or plans to end your life
  • Serious issues relating to self-harm
  • Threats made by others that endanger your life or the life of others
  • Any known risk posed to a child
  • Any physical or harmful threats made towards the counsellor gives your counsellor the right to report the incident and terminate treatment
  • Your counsellor has the right to refuse therapy to any client who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • If any acts of terrorism, drug trafficking or money laundering are disclosed to me, I am expected to disclose this to the police without obtaining your consent

Other areas to consider

A typical face to face counselling session lasts for 50 minutes . Your counsellor will be with you for the time specified although will be unable extend the time. If you have any difficult issues you wish to bring to the session it might be worth mentioning them at the beginning or agreeing to put them on the agenda for your next session. It is difficult to estimate how many sessions a client would need as individuals often progress at different paces. Some clients may not require many sessions, others may need long term support. Sessions are often reviewed around session 6-8 to ensure you are benefiting from your therapy, whilst helping us decide what you need in terms of continuing, preparing to leave or being referred onto another service.

Counselling for issues such as trauma, abuse and PTSD can leave clients sometimes feeling vulnerable in the early stages of therapy. Whilst your counsellor will always work with you to support you as safely and ethically as possible it is worth considering how you will manage any difficult emotions outside of your sessions when your counsellor is not with you. It could be that you enlist the support of a trusted friend or family member that knows you are having counselling or that you have a helpline support number such as the Samaritans. (1116 123).

Supervision & data protection

Rainbow Counselling is a fully supervised member of the British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP). Should you need to contact the BACP their phone number is 01455 883300. Rainbow Counselling also holds a Data Protection Certificate and complies with the latest data protection regulations to ensure confidentiality and safeguarding of your data (GPDR).

I have regular counselling supervision which may require me to discuss certain cases so that I can offer the best practice and to ensure I am working to the best of my ability. All cases are completely anonymised and names and locations are not shared. Please ask if you require further information regarding counsellor supervision, reassurance of the confidentiality procedure or a copy of the BACP policy and the Rainbow Counselling Privacy Policy. Because of confidentiality, your details are not shared with anyone so if you arrive for your appointment and I am not here, if you are still unable to contact me after 48 hours you may contact my supervisor (name & number given in session) who will attempt to resolve your enquiry.

Cancellation policy & appointment arrangements Please read carefully

Payments are taken in advance by debit or credit card, over the phone or via PayPal, bank transfer or cash and due on receipt, or up to 24 hours after booking. If unpaid, I will make contact with you after 24 hours by email and text to see if you still wish to proceed. If I don’t hear from you I will email and text cancellation of appointment and invite you to contact me in the future if you wish to proceed.

If you are unable to keep your appointment or wish to change it, a full 24 hours notice is required to avoid losing your fee. Please call to arrange any appointment changes so they can be dealt with quickly. If arranging appointments via text or email I will be unable to provide a list of available dates, because these may have changed by the time the email/text is seen. You are free to text/email if you have a specific date and time and are able to arrange this quickly. WI-FI and phone signals are occasionally interrupted here so to avoid a loss of fee please ensure that I have received your message before the 24 hour deadline.

Please note it is the client’s full responsibility to remember their appointment. If clients forget, arrive late or at the wrong time, the counsellor will have the right to charge for the full session, and will be unable to offer an alternative slot. The counsellor cannot be responsible for late cancellations involving illness, childcare, work or car breakdowns etc.

Rainbow Counselling cannot be held responsible for any damage to the client’s car or property whilst they are on the premises of Rainbow Counselling.

T: 0778 81 30 331

I have read and understood the above guidelines and terms & conditions and agree to them and also agree to you holding my data in line with current legislation.

This can be signed at your first session.